Heavy-Duty Equipment Repair Services

For first-rate heavy-duty equipment repair services, trust none other than Industrial Transformers in Burns Lake, BC. Our Red Seal-certified mechanics can troubleshoot your machinery and have it working again in no time. You can opt to have your equipment repaired on-site or in one of our many bays.

Our team can perform minor servicing on your machinery, such as repairing mounting brackets and suspension bushings. We can also handle complex tasks. Be it aligning your equipment or completely rebuilding it, our team can get the job done.

Quality Excellence

We always strive to present our clients with a completed project that is nothing less than excellent. This is why we have earned a solid reputation among various companies, specifically those in the mining and logging industries. Our clients turn to us if they need experts to perform heavy-duty mechanic work on their equipment, such as:

Track Frame Rebuilding

You can ask our team to routinely rebuild your equipment’s track frame. When working on your machinery, we will first magnaflux its cannon barrels. Afterward, we will cut open its bottom part and weld any crack before resurfacing it. To add extra strength to your equipment’s frame, we will wrap its upper barrel with ¾” formed plates.

Parts Replacement



Minor and Major Bogie Pins

Wear Pads

Rolling Stocks

Line Boring


Other Products and Services

We offer commercial truck repair as well as welding and fabrication services. Additionally, we provide quality automotive parts from world-famous brands, such as International Trucks and CBS Parts Ltd. You may also want to take advantage of our products from Cummins that come with a warranty.

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